City needs to reject Verizon’s proposed cell tower

Verizon is attacking Baker City, most likely seeing us as an unprepared small town victim. Although they wish you to believe that all the skewed laws and federal oversights are in their hip pocket I am finding this to be far from the truth. I plead and beg that all of our City Council members, County and Planning Commissioners and citizens of Baker immediately Google “Physicians for safe technology.” You will discover the adverse health symptoms that have been established through published studies in a multitude of countries, including the United States, and how the obscene amount of our telecommunication industry’s lobby money has resulted in our government refusing to acknowledge any of these scientific studies. You will also learn how our out of control government has taken it beyond absurd, actually making a law that any and all municipalities cannot even consider these detrimental health effects in their consideration of the proposed construction of new cell towers. Guess what Baker City Council, Baker City Planning Commission, Baker County Commissioners, Baker County citizens? — there are no “mind police,” “thought police” or “consider police” preventing you from including this in your decision making! No one is coming to arrest you!

Verizon and other like entities are finding it increasingly more difficult to sell their B.S. They are desperate to increase profits and are finding growing resistance.

On this website you will discover tactics and ordinances that other cities, counties, states and countries are using to combat the false need that these conglomerates claim. Navigate your way through “Physicians for safe technology” and you will soon decipher that “according to Verizon” Baker City’s “need for another Verizon cell tower” is only a desperate need for Verizon to increase its presence and profits due to other jurisdictions preventative legislation, lawsuits and public awareness.

Our City Council has an obligation to back the Planning Commission’s recommendation of denial. It is an obstruction to scenic views, it is an industrial “spot zone” surrounded by residential zoning, has potential to decrease property values and exceeds the county height limit.

Peace to all!

Mike Meyer

Baker City

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