Teenager inspires nation to show that it’s united

There is a 14-year-old young American man who is getting this nation to wake up. His name is Charlie Hecht and he is on a mission to get all Americans nationwide to buy an American flag and fly it with its blessings on their front porch. There is much evil in the world and it is a spiritual war. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against chief rules, against authority in high places, against the rulers of the darkness of the world, against spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12). In other words, we are in the time of all Christians to unite in spirit and get ready to fight Satan’s one world government and Satan himself. He will control the four dynasties of the world. What are the four dynasties? Politics, economics, education and last but not least, religion.

America, listen up, united we stand, divided we fall. Thank you, Charlie Hecht, for standing united. Fly your flag and show the world that this Christian nation stands united, with the one true God of everything.

Good job, young man!

Gary Robinson

Baker City

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Dan Collins

Hold up there, Gary...

We are a nation of many religions. Christianity just happens to be the most popular. It is a well known fact that Christians don't play well with other religions. This is the very reason we have laws regarding freedom of religion. You'd take over if you could...

Now, allow me to put a bug in your head. Like everyone else, I grew up with the story of Jesus. Liked it too. But as I grew up, I became something of a research hound. I started looking into the historical Jesus. For years and years. Know what? There's no such record in the history books at all. Nothing. Nada. There were numerous historians of the day. They make no mention of someone walking on water or raising the dead. This would have certainly been front page news then as now.

So if Jesus isn't real, it means Christianity itself is a sham. And devoid of any spiritual authority. Using your own beliefs, there is actually nothing more anti-Christ on the planet, than the Christian belief system.


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