Wearing a mask is a matter of science, not politics

I wish to defend Tom Wilcoxson’s right to not wear a face mask, as he so passionately proclaimed in his letter to the editor on July 7.

Yes, Tom, you have that right and I will defend it to the death as long as you stay 6 feet away from me. The only reason I wear the stupid uncomfortable thing is because I respect you, Tom, as well as all of my fellow humans. I am pretty sure all the spouted negatives of mask wearing have been dashed by, of all things, scientific fact. Why so many people want to turn a simple mask into a political statement baffles me. It’s just a mask. A mask that has been proven to slow the spread of viruses. A mask that will help protect everyone, not just the more vulnerable, from sickness and, in a worse case scenario, death. A mask that shows respect for others.

I equally defend the person (you mentioned Tom) taking video and shaming non-mask wearers. I disagree with those tactics, because, again, it turns a simple protective piece of cloth into something it is not — but I will die defending his right to do it. I am positive that no one is going to hold you down Tom and force a mask onto your face but if I see that happening I will pull them off of you. I will be wearing a mask though and will pray you won’t see me as a “hater” trying to “shove” my agenda on you.

Today (July 7) I learned of a 62-year-old man who died last Thursday from complications of coronavirus in La Grande. I have no clue as to your age Tom but I’m 68 and overweight so while retaining your God given right to not wear a mask please stay 6 feet away from me, that’s all I ask.

I disagree with your premise that we are all just Americans. That would be true in a perfect world where we were all treated with the same rights and respect but alas …

Peace to all.

Mike Meyer

Baker City

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