What would the gun-toters do if there were rioters?

Thank you for the excellent article about the use of force policies of Baker City Police and Sheriff departments in the June 11 issue of the Herald.

In the same issue, there’s a photo of two macho men with their big weapons ready to prevent, so they say, rioting in Baker City.

Makes me wonder what they know about the use of deadly force by civilians. If, for example, in the unimaginable case they were to see rioters on Main Street breaking plate glass shop windows and hauling off merchandise, what would they do about it?

Perhaps they would like to enlighten me at tubingen@eoni.com or better, by writing their own letter to the editor explaining how they see their role as civilian law-enforcers.

Gary Dielman

Baker City

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Dan Collins

It poses an interesting legal question. What would be the implications of an armed civilian shooting someone? I do believe standard criminal penalties would apply. Murder, or at the least, manslaughter.

The first thing that occurs to me if you'd shoot someone over a material object, you're probably not moral enough to be carrying a firearm to begin with. Law enforcement are trained and authorized to use force if need be. You? Being ex-military doesn't count. You're still not authorized by we the people. Which makes you a rogue element. And a disturbing sight to see in our town.

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