State Sen. Lynn Findley should return to the Capitol

Senator Lynn Findley, I live in Baker City and am your constituent. I write this letter as a concerned parent. I fear we are not doing enough as a state to counter the effects of climate change. I worry about the future of my daughter and have a message for you.

Please go back to work in Salem. I am tired of you and your colleagues’ temper tantrum over House Bill 1530. You disappeared from work two Mondays ago on Feb. 24. The last day to vote is Sunday, March 8. Please end this radical charade and do your job. Go and vote. America and Oregon are democracies. Democracy means rule by the citizens. What you are doing is not democracy. You are denying the voices of a majority of Oregonians, including your own constituents in deciding their own fate. According to OregonLive, you and your 10 Republican Senate colleagues represent only 36% of our state. Please stop holding the State of Oregon hostage.

I emailed your office on Monday, Feb. 24, to express my disappointment in your actions. Your Chief of Staff responded, “Thank you for your kind words of support for Senator Findley.”

Let me be clear. I do not support your actions. The response from your office was unprofessional and careless. Are you listening to your constituents? Climate change is happening. We need to do something. Please, Senator, do your job and go back to work. What are you going to tell your grandkids you did to protect them from climate change?

Ethan Wolston

Baker City

Editor’s Note: The author submitted the letter before the Legislature adjourned Thursday.

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