Each year in Baker County, juries make decisions that impact people’s lives. They determine the outcome of criminal and civil cases. Juries provide justice to victims and families as well as ensuring that everyone in our community receives the rights they are guaranteed by the Constitution.

I know it can be tempting to see a jury summons as an inconvenience, but serving on a jury is one of the most important civic duties you can participate in. Jury service is a fundamental pillar of our democracy — the right to a trial by a jury of our peers — depends entirely on those who answer the call to service.

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And if you do serve o a jury in Baker County, please keep in mind to think for yourself. Just because that DA is a public servant and gets his paycheck from the taxpayer's does not mean he does not have his own motives. Each prosecution is a feather in his hat. I have personally experienced prosecutors stretching the truth right here in Baker County to get a prosecution.

We see all the time on tv of someone being locked up for 20 or more years for a crime they never committed...proven years later by DNA. As far as I am concerned the DA that went out of his way to force the prosecution of an innocent man, and the judge that handed down the sentence should have to spend the same amount of time in prison that the innocent man spent. And then pay the man an insane amount of money. There is no amount that would make up for that injustice. And many states have laws to prevent a falsely imprisoned man from getting any such payment or a cap on that payment. PATHETIC.

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