Anxious to not spend my remaining years in Salt Lake City, I searched for a place that was a safer spot to be with impending societal collapse. When I first came to Baker I was happy to still be near mountains and desert. I was impressed with the Victorian homes and the downtown buildings. Most important of all was the joy of personal interaction. People looked me in the eye and were caring and charitable.

The move would have been much less expensive two years before both because of real estate prices and moving expenses. I could have bought a roomier house.

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Thank you for your input on the future of Baker City. We share the common goal of a thriving community. It's important to consider affordable housing, local industry, environmental sustainability, and community well-being. Mixed-use development and sustainable mining practices can contribute to a vibrant city. The impact of resort-style real estate and the need for community interaction are valid concerns. Planning for a sustainable future requires adapting to changing conditions. Let's work together to ensure a prosperous and inclusive Baker City that values well-being, diversity, and resilience.


So…. You want to convert commercial space to residential space but boost the industry of the city? I feel like we’re in different Bakers, because when I look at the parks and the downtown or go up to the mountain, I’m always impressed by the amount of young families in the area. Have you looked at real estate elsewhere, because Bakers about as affordable you can get anywhere, especially anywhere that’s a pleasant place to live.

Go look at the cancer rates in the mountains in CO, look at the mountains in Nevada, unfortunately mining and environmentalism just don’t seem to go hand in hand.

We’ve been singing this song and dance about oil since the 70’s. Oil has never gotten cheaper I’m the long run. Sure, it ebbs and flows but the overall trend has always been up. It doesn’t matter who’s in the White House. The American people have proven to the oil companies that we are a bunch of sheep and we’ll go along with whatever we need to to keep our independence in our individual automobiles.


What a great post! I agree with your remarks. You could have elaborated on why we as a country are in such bad shape... Biden and the Democrats! That is why inflation is at a 40 year high. "Peak Oil"...we have so much oil in the US that is ready to be drilled we could not handle it all. But thanks to Biden and the Democrats (and the Green New Deal) we are still paying $4 and $5 a gallon for diesel and gasoline in various parts of our state. Our retirement accounts have tanked, and Democrats can still not be honest with themselves and everyone else that the Biden Presidency has been a disaster. What (cackling) Kamala and crooked (don't forget to pay 10% to the big guy) Joe have done to our Southern border is more than pathetic.

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