Reviving America’s principle of self-determination

Remember America? It used to be a shining example for people who believed in self-determination. A place where sink or swim meant that with a little effort or imagination a person could build a comfortable life for themselves in a community free from crime. Where education opened up the world of possibilities by celebrating achievement and providing functional knowledge. Since Obama these simple, functional concepts were lost to his planned divisiveness.

Then came Donald Trump, he knew how to restore fiscal responsibility, reduce the insanity of excess taxation and regulation, rebuild the country internationally and give us a strong military for our mutual defense. He attacked the problematic southern border in a pragmatic way, as promised while addressing our need for national security internally as well as by reiterating the need for a new approach to invasion by “refugees.”

President Trump gave us an example of what can be done to restore our envied lifestyle despite endless attacks from the infuriated radicals and their minions. However the election plays out, Donald Trump has shown both how easy and difficult it can be to resist attempts to destroy our nation. Support his efforts or we will become the failed state that had the potential to provide the world a working model of a truly great country.

In 1776 the people were willing to pledge their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to establish this Nation. Many of them died or were financially ruined in that struggle but they all retained their sacred honor. Can we settle for less?

Rick Rienks

Baker City

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