It is so cute that one of our citizens saw my recent letter to the editor about my heavenly vacation to Hawaii and the absence therein of political ridiculousness as a personal attack. My opinion on the overall state of the nation seems to have hit a nerve.

This citizen, for some reason, thought I was talking directly to him? Then, in a clever veiled sort of way, invited me to move if I wasn’t going to accept his politics or culture. He mistakenly believes his personal ideals are magically extended outward into the community?

No, I am sorry, it isn’t all about you or where you live ... there is not a significant amount of ultraconservative people in this tiny town to ever make me move. I happily live in a perennial blue state with a little faction of disgruntled (you may now add that to your list of soul searching attributes) and would never think of moving from beautiful Baker City, having no problem fitting right in. I choose to not accept anything about a culture and politics I disagree with, I choose to live where I want, I choose to voice my opinion and strive for change. Please don’t misinterpret your grandmother’s sage advice “live and let live” with “keep your opinions to yourself” cause that ain’t never gonna happen. I will, as always, continue to judge my fellow man by their actions and words, just as you have judged me.

The fact that you are embarrassed and humiliated for thinking Donald Trump had the best interest of our country at heart shows that even your culture and politics is always in flux. Don’t despair as more and more left thinkers infiltrate your little island of red. Don’t move to Hawaii just yet. Idaho will soon envelop and save you.

Mike Meyer

Baker City

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Well I hate to tell you, but the only place Liberals outnumber Conservatives in Oregon is in the Portland/metro area. You sir, can say what you want, but you are smack dab in the middle of "ultra Conservatives" every which way you look. Your President's poll numbers aint looking too good, not even among Libs. Oh, that's's because of the "pandemic". LOL

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