Beyond whistles: Creating a super fast train system

This is in regards to Baker City’s loud train whistles. Just another thought to think about.

I’ve often thought, while enduring the effects of those awesome loud horns, that the tracks should be relocated out along the freeway. Side rails could be used for any further need to pick up freight or facilitate other necessary business. Think on this! In the long run it would save lives and certainly make for a more pleasant environment.

Futuristic! A super train that ran from Portland across the nation at super speeds. This is not out of the question. The superstructure could be alongside existing rails and existing freeways: the rails on structures above and next to the freight train railroad. Its only stops being at major places (like Pendleton, Baker City, Ontario, Boise and so forth) at stations along the rail for passengers and other things, perhaps like mail. A shuttle bus, taxis and other conveyances would be used to reach destinations away from these locations along the route. Definitely many new opportunities for businesses.

These trains travel at speeds above 200 mph. Say, you left Baker City at 9 a.m. You could be in Portland by 11 a.m. (figuring in two stops along the way). Maybe even less! Go shopping, the theater, cultural event or maybe even a sports event and possibly be home again the same day.

Such a means of transportation would cut down on freeway traffic, jet fuels released into the atmosphere, diesel fuels and others. I am sure the accident and death rates would also be far less. I envision American technology creating a system that is ice-free in the winter months (perhaps through solar units) and a cool, comfortable ride in the summer. The safest, fastest, most efficient and beautiful communication system in the world. We either move ahead or we stagnate.

Bertina Eastman

Baker City

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