Local businesses are vital to Baker City, County

Not only are small local businesses the backbone of the American economy, a successful small business provides many unsung services. I learned this lesson in Homer, Alaska, where I worked as a pianist for AJ’s Old Town Steak House. AJ’s employed me all summer, and then to my surprise continued the job through the winter when tourism and restaurant receipts went down. AJ’s employed me for six years (until COVID). Such loyalty to employees helps keep the local economy prosperous; for AJ’s the bottom line is more than money. Their bottom line includes loyal and grateful employees, maintaining a place of free speech and assembly for people to gather, dine and celebrate, and preventing poverty in the local economy by providing steady jobs.

Here in Baker City many small local businesses similarly provide unsung services, for example: Elkhorn Custom Meats & Deli. I consider this business, at 2970 H Street, to be a treasure of our local economy. Elkhorn Custom Meats processes local grass-fed beef (the most healthy beef there is) and pork in a spotless, odorless facility. Elkhorn is an old-fashioned butcher shop. They know the names of their customers, appreciate everyone who comes through their door, and go out of their way to make sure every customer is satisfied. Their prices are reasonable. They take food stamps. Their smoked meats are excellent. They employ and train local people — and are always looking for honest hardworking people to become part of their family business. Our family thrives on their healthy beef. Your trade will help keep this business open and provide an important market for local ranchers.

I urge the people of Baker County to visit and support this business and other like-minded small local businesses in Baker City. Such local businesses help make Baker County and Baker City a great place to live.

Lindianne Sarno

Baker City

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