America is making progress

By Rick Rienks

We, America, have been subverted intentionally and the evidence is coming to a head. The Chinese Flu appears to be a germ warfare attack on global economies, willfully released.

As for politically — socialist ideology has corrupted education for decades. I can’t express the level of anger generated amongst the rational segment of our population. That remains simmering, though shows itself in firm resolve to get out the Republican vote in numbers supplemented by outspoken conservative Democrats who abandon their party as they see their beliefs transmuted to an evil caricature of that which they once believed.

For me, I am of an age that leaves me primarily an observer with a bit of commentator thrown in. I have always been an outspoken champion of the downtrodden and discriminated, just not to the point of stupidity. When I was a Cub Scout I was considered odd when I spoke out against racial discrimination and the mistreatment of minorities. Truthfully, I was unhappy with the problem of the lack of honor in our dealings with the minorities including the native peoples, the Negros, the Irish, the Jews, all those coming to America in the hopes of creating for themselves a better life.

Substantially, most of them were contributing members of society, believing in the “melting pot” as the path to a prosperous nation. The concept was often poorly expressed but it had substance. The path was not an easy one but it was an open path. Those who worked wisely could find a way to a reasonable standard of living within the limits of the value of their service to the community. Generally, it was understood that the way to a higher income would be found in higher education. That was the reason young men who went to war fresh out of high school came home and then tried to learn a skilled trade or went to college. Those students were older in years than the average student and much older in terms of life experience.

They had lived the realities of the war, often combat, and they knew that life has hard edges. Subsequently, their generation tried to create a higher vision of a just society. That vision was hijacked by the “win by any method” Democrat and Republican philosophies that became the obviously downward spiral of “status-quo” politics. In the mid to late 1980s I was saying, “if you want to know what it is to live in a Third World country, stick around, we’re on that path.”

Since that time, sadly, I have seen that prediction come to pass. Remember, even Third World countries have well-off components in their population. That classification relates to many aspects of life and economy.

With the election of Donald Trump we saw an amazing change. We had an elected president who hit the decks a runnin’ and quickly began turning the decline around. He is constrained by reason. He cannot, for example, correct everything all at once. He can and has set in motion the steps necessary to return the economy to a better place, returning jobs to America thus expanding employment and personal incomes. He has increased accountability to the bloated ranks of government employees. “America First” has refocused our national path in trade and defense.

All these ideas were known to the thinking citizens with a knowledge of history. Is it any wonder that history is a casualty in our schools? Much of our history, including that which I lived, is not being taught in our schools. Pride in our accomplishments has been stifled while the errors were featured as “systemic.”

Now you can review the complexities of our nation and its potential and start to define for yourself the best course for America. Remember, in the end it all must be defined in terms of economy and rights. A person’s right to not work does not obligate society to feed them — period. Society is not a bottomless piggy bank. Taxes are bondage, entitlements are slavery. I dare you to challenge that statement. If you do, you will lose.

Rick Rienks is a Baker City resident.

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