Did you hear about the 400 citizens and 51 businesses? They presented their city council with an “all expenses paid” health and safety upgrade to their city. At “no cost to the city” they would protect children, seniors, everyone from hearing loss. They’d “pay” to fix a dysfunctional interrupted education for all students. They would “with no city dollars” make every railroad crossing safer than they’d ever been. They’d also pay (no taxpayer money) to make it easier for people to sleep at night ... a critical health requirement. They want local tourism and businesses to thrive. A simple “quiet zone,” something that hundreds of cities have embraced with no downside, only benefits. Many towns paid for this upgrade with taxpayer dollars, and would do it again, for the proven increase in health, safety, business interest, tourism and livability.

Three logical city councilors saw it for what it was, a no brainer! An offer to improve their city, no cost to the city! Who would say no to that? Well, the mayor, her yes woman and a silent observer, whose hand goes up automatically when the other two raise theirs, decided to be the only three in the universe that could say no! No to “free” protection of their fellow citizens and small children, no to 51 of their city’s most prolific businesses, no to the safest railroad crossings you could possibly have, no to all the proven health, safety, tourism benefits ... and no to, in my humble opinion, the most mind blowing of all ... quiet?

Watching the faces of these three excuses for community leaders, you could see they were not happy people. It was a total politicization of a simple, no drawbacks, slam dunk decision. It was nothing more than an angry bitter lashing out by the politically disgruntled. That these people represent anyone, in any kind of authoritarian position, is a crime. Historically no surprise ... try to name something positive any of these three have done to improve your city?

Nothing but accolades should befall the three councilors that saw this for what it was ... a simple yes.

Mike Meyer

Baker City

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