I am a concerned health care worker. I am alarmed by the recent vaccine mandate to all health care workers in Oregon by Gov. Kate Brown. This mandate is unconstitutional.

We live in America, the greatest country in the world where we still have God-given freedoms. We should have the freedom to choose whether or not we receive a vaccine. I am a free-thinking American, I can look at all the science, consider my options and conduct my own risk benefit analysis and make an informed decision.

We now know that vaccinated individuals can be infected, spread and die from COVID-19 just like the unvaccinated. Their risk of severe infection may be less but that doesn’t exempt them from playing vaccine Russian roulette of possible side effects of clots, neurological problems, myocarditis and even death.

How is it legal to force a treatment on someone that could cause their demise? Vaccine companies don’t care. They make millions and bear no liability for injuries or death. According to the CDC, I have a 99.97% survival rate in my age group and that’s without the vaccine.

I believe in freedom, and as a free American I should be able to make my own decision, one that was not forced upon me by fear and coercion of elected leaders. Freedom is what America was founded on and is what so many people died for. Let’s honor their sacrifice and keep America free.

Hospitals across the country are experiencing staff shortages and fatigue. Is this really the time to put a vaccine mandate on all health care workers that could potentially result in worse shortages and a deterioration in patient care and safety? I encourage the citizens of Union County to stand behind their local health care workers, who work tirelessly every day to care for the sick in our community.

I have seen the pandemic bring the worst out in many of us. People are angry and people are fearful. Let’s not find one more reason to divide us. Let us instead love one another and support one another’s medical freedom of choice.

Lilly Roe

Island City

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