After reading your editorial in Saturday’s paper, Sept. 18, I am disappointed to see so much disinformation going out to the public as fact. Just because it comes from a media source such as a newspaper does not justify making false and uninformed statements such as, “Based on the limited evidence the county had that the road across Longgood’s property was previously public.” This statement is ridiculous. The newspaper did not have any of our information and they are not a court judge or jury to make any judgment call.

The County has an abundance of the history of the Lookout area that we have researched and studied for over 2½ years and the Commission would not have taken this course of action without the facts to defend the public right-of-way.

The County is required to protect all public access for the citizens. This is a part of our jobs. This Commission, as well as past Commissioners, have done a good job to do just that. Having a local paper give such a one-sided view of a story without all the facts is a disservice to the public and the local government servants, who are trying the best they can to protect the public’s rights.

It would be better if the paper would do as Paul Harvey always said, “get the rest of the story.”

William ‘Bill’ Harvey

Baker County Commission Chairman

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