There’s a lot of talk by both sides and by some women also who don’t know or believe the truth of God’s word on this subject of abortion. Yes, she has the right over her own body, but the child she is carrying is, according to God’s word, not her body. The child is a completely separate human from the mother, with a genetic code of its very own. Otherwise now we are dealing with two humans not just one.

Present day society condones sexual permissiveness, which leads to abortion, but God does not. God judges this permissiveness as sin and abortion as murder. Believes and unbelievers one day will give an account of their deeds before Him. Think. What is the difference between a murderer destroying a body and the abortion clinic doing the same to a human baby? God calls both murders. He speaks of a special place in hell for those who do these things.

Exodus 20:13: “Thou shalt not kill.”

Revelation, 21:8: “Murderers shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone.”

We are not to have any part in putting an innocent human to death. In Exodus 23:7 God says “I will not justify anyone taking part in such wickedness.”

This includes you, me, any politicians, presieents, anyone dealing in or condoning by knowing and not speaking the truth against such things. The truth is that the moment a male sperm cell fertilizes a female egg cell the command is given to begin the construction of a human life. This is not the preparing of a “tumor” or a “fetus” that will become a human, but is a designed individual that is different from anyone who has ever lived. Abortion clinics don’t tell the prospect that a heartbeat is detectable at 18 days, brain waves measurable at 43 days, all systems are formed by eight weeks. All functioning at 11 weeks and except for size, by 20 weeks the child is virtually developed. In closing, it seems we have forgotten God’s law and made it legal by man’s law to murder and just call it inconvenience.

Richard Fox

Baker City

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