The City Council’s idea of a lawsuit against Governor Brown’s mandates in her effort to stem the spread of a deadly virus is very disturbing. If it is done for political purposes, it is inexcusable, aside from also being a misuse of taxpayers’ money, both the City’s cost to file and the State’s to defend. If done out of ignorance, it shows that the councilors are in urgent need of a science-based (not Facebook-based) crash course in epidemiology and viral mutation.

One currently hears a lot about “individual rights,” but very rarely about “individual responsibility,” the latter supposed to be an integral part of and basis for the former.

The vaccines have been proven safe and very effective, and masks are primarily to keep those who do get infected from spreading the virus to others. Is there any thought about those who will get sick or maybe even die because they follow the councilors’ lead? Or those who work to exhaustion and at personal risk to take care of them?

Kirsten Badger

Baker City

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I am so angry at the selfish Baker county residents who claim a personal right to not be vaccinated. Polio, measles, mumps, smallpox and more have been eradicated with a vaccine. Why do I not feel safe at grocery store when people in line and in store refuse to follow the mask mandate? I have had a confrontation in Albertsons asking an unmasked customer to stand back. People, stay away from anyplace asking you to wear a mask. I don’t want you to give me your germs. Or mine to you.

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