Maybe ‘Move Oregon’s Border’ should just move

I felt so sorry for the Move Oregon’s Border group. They were unable to collect enough signatures, for their cause, to qualify as a ballot measure. Apparently they wish to have Idaho’s border extended to include 17 Oregon counties. They claim that the coronavirus pandemic made it impossible for them to collect more than 389 signatures. I have a simple solution and a way to put a smile on all 9,195 members of “Move Oregon’s Border.” You can move to Idaho! If I am free that day I can help you pack. Problem solved! Peace to all.

Mike Meyer

Baker City

Happy to wake up and still be living in America

I woke up in America ...

Despite all the turmoil, violence and destruction, it’s still America.

Regardless of the latest pandemic and fear, it’s still America.

For those who don’t absolutely love it, you have the option to leave.

Let’s not forget the sacrifice of those who fought for our flag, only to come home wrapped in it. Those who left behind limbs and buddies in the field to protect us. Those who stand guard during the night to keep us safe.

Sure, we have problems, no doubt, but we are a democracy that works. If you doubt that, show me a socialist government that works and I’ll show you people controlled by that very government.

Let’s honor our flag and proudly wave it, regardless of your ideology or beliefs. We can still stand shoulder to shoulder and resist those who’s only desire is to destroy what we have, the greatest nation in the world!

Those who are killing and destroying in the name of “change” only do their cause harm. Terrorism, local or foreign, will be resisted by true Americans.

Violence does not bring about change, only more anger and hatred. Setting fire to our flag or someone’s personal property does little to persuade people to change. It only hardens hearts and causes more racial & social divide.

Protest, if peaceful, can bring about change, but riots only cause division and anger. We do no honor to those fallen heroes by acting in such a way.

I’m blessed by God to wake up in America, I served and would gladly do it again.

Thomas Wilcoxson

Baker City

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