A tale of two recent letters to the editor

In the Aug. 1, 2020, edition of the Baker City Herald are two letters to the editor penned by people, neither of whom I know personally. One letter, penned by Thomas Wilcoxson, conveys a message of pride in our country, our flag, our veterans, and a hope of unity and change through peaceful protest.

The second, penned by Mike Meyer, offers no such positive message, but serves to alienate and divide which is so typical of those on the left. His message, if you read between the lines, and from other letters he’s written to this paper, is, if you disagree with me or what I believe, you can leave, and in this letter, offers to help you pack. I wish, in no way, to call attention to myself, but a bit about me, before I continue. I’m going on 74, born and raised in Oregon, lived in Oregon all my life, save my service years (1967-70) and while a relative newcomer to Baker City, (lived here 26 years), my roots run deep in this county. My maternal grandfather, his parents and his brother emigrated here in 1882 when granddad was 15. He married my grandmother in 1903, and they had two daughters, my aunt, born in Haines in 1904 and my mom, born in Haines in 1908. I happen to have the 1925 yearbook when my mom graduated from Baker High School. My great-grandparents are buried in Haines, another great-grandmother on my mom’s maternal side, buried in Wingville, and my maternal grandpa, grandma and aunt are buried at Mount Hope.

I own property in Idaho, Mr. Meyer, and love every minute I’m there. Were it not for my health I would consider a move, one that I would not take lightly, but such a move would be made of my own volition and not by you or anybody that thinks like you. I would tread lightly, if I were you, Mr. Meyer. An educated guess tells me there are far more people east of Highway 97 that would gladly help pack your bags for a trip back to Portland than there are those that would pack my bags for a move to Idaho. You conclude your letter with “Peace to all,” which is hypocritical in my view. If your letter was an attempt at humor, I’m not amused.

This is my one and only letter to this paper, of this kind, in 26 years, and may be my last. I’ve better things to do than sit around staring at my calendar, “Xing” off the days until I can write another one.

Donald Neugart

Baker City

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