Councilor was wrong to cite ‘emotion’ in board choice

It’s hard to believe in this day and age that a male city councilor had the nerve to play the “emotional female” card in a public meeting against our mayor. Was this an attempt at shaming her for a decision he didn’t like? Councilor Jason Spriet is the one who should be ashamed. His desire to appoint his friend to the Golf Board was in fact the “emotional” response if ever I heard one. If Fred Warner Jr. had so many magical grant opportunities and contacts, he should have used them for the golf course during all the years he was city manager. Mayor McQuisten used solid personnel management 101 reasoning. Never, ever advance the application of a candidate who may be at odds with any of your team. I’m guessing that approach is a shock to good ole boys far and wide.

Chuck Chase

Baker City

Baker City manager, mayor right to stick to city charter

Thank you to the new city manager, Mr. Jon Cannon, for sticking to the city charter. Thanks to Mayor McQuisten for having ethics and standing for the truth. Thanks for ridding the city of the toxin and saying goodbye to the “Good Ole Boys Club.”

From my perspective former city manager, Fred Warner, always had an agenda, and ignored the average person who did not fit into his club. This has been obvious to many Baker City folks for a very long time.

Fred randomly popped into a local restaurant that employs 24 local families just a few days before his retirement. He tried to bully the owner in support of the baseless health mandates. Who was he trying to help? He had no authority as a city employee to do this. Fred offered $15,000 to the owner if he would drink the Kool-Aid and shut down. Where was he going to get these funds from? The business owner did not even know who he was. In all Fred’s years with the city, he never once bothered to stop by and say hi or ask how he could help. I was there and listened to the conversation.

Now he says he is here to help on the golf board after retirement? Also, why would the previous mayor’s wife be going around town bullying businesses to oppose the new city council and the new mayor? I have seen some interesting text messages from other local businesses to show this. This hatred is not helping anyone, only creating more dissension in our community. But they are here to “HELP?” ...

This leftist cancel culture has no place in Baker City!

Tom Hughes

Baker City

The lesson in Stalin’s treatment of a chicken

Stalin once ripped all the feathers off a live chicken as a lesson to his followers. He then set the chicken on the floor a short distance away. The chicken was bloodied and suffering immensely, yet, when Stalin began to toss some bits of wheat toward the chicken, it followed him around. He said to his followers: “This is how easy it is to govern stupid people, they will follow you no matter how much pain you cause them, as long as you throw them a little worthless treat once in a while.”

May God continue to bless America.

Bill Hanley

Baker City

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