Stop spreading Trump’s lies, exaggerations

Thank you, Craig Martell, for your letter to the editor regarding the recent “Checking the facts” editorial. I too was appalled to see my local paper spreading Trump’s lies and exaggerations. I expect better and am hoping this was just an aberration or the result of temporary brain freeze. If I wanted to hear this type of nonsense, I would watch FOX news.

Rita Fuller

Baker City

Americans shouldn’t consider electing socialist as president

I have a couple of thoughts on current political issues.

After the countless hours wasted on the Trump impeachment experience by politicians and the even more countless and obnoxious hours wasted by the media on their daily analysis, I can sum it up quite simply. Democrats had a majority in the House so they impeached the President. Republicans had a majority in the Senate so they acquitted him. It was always and only about politics. Outcome of each House or Senate effort was predictable from the start and only a fool would think otherwise.

So now that months were wasted, while real issues were generally ignored, (OK, so they did pass USMCA during this time) can we expect better? What are the chances that Republicans and Democrats will manage to agree on legislation that would be beneficial? How about addressing the national debt for a good starting point? When Democrats spend all their efforts attacking Trump and the Republicans spend all their efforts defending him, little gets done.

As a Republican I have no say in the Democrat primaries; that’s as it should be. I can accept the differences between Republican and Democrat philosophy. But what is abhorrent is that a socialist/communist is a frontrunner in the Democrat party. He shouldn’t even be considered! Socialism is not just a different political idea — it is evil! There is no successful example of socialism in history. Don’t suggest the Scandinavian countries — they are capitalist although with more social programs. Do people know or remember Stalin and the 60 million Russians he had murdered? Or about Hitler and the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazi) and the 60 million people who died in World War II? Are people aware of the recent failure in Venezuela? Do high school students read Orwell’s “Animal Farm” anymore? What are students taught about socialism? Are Bernie Sanders supporters aware of what socialism/communism is or are they actively trying to undermine our America? I realize Sanders is not the first socialist/communist to run for president but he is being taken far too seriously as a possible elected leader for our country.

James Carnahan

Baker City

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