Achieving equality requires votes as well as protests

Mr. Jacoby, in his June 5 editorial, states “the swiftness with which the justice system has moved against Chauvin and the other officers ...” isn’t correct. It’s disappointingly a reflection of systemic, problematic notions many people, not just whites, hold subconsciously: that our justice system moves quickly. Not so if the perpetrators are the police. Not so if the victims aren’t white.

In Minneapolis, justice wasn’t swift or true, but reactionary. From articles I’ve read, Minneapolis police regulations required the other officers to intervene and stop the murder. Did that happen? No. Did the city’s police leadership immediately act when a citizen’s rights were violated by rogue officers and he was murdered? No. It took the people taking to the streets demanding justice.

Thank you to those of you who joined the protest in Baker City.

Mr. Floyd’s death is another of the many straws breaking our nation’s back. It’s an ugly thing when such realities come to light, as they all too often do.

Baker County doesn’t escape a racist history; an example being pioneers senselessly murdering Chinese for no reason other than their race. Our country is steeped in racism. Many tried — particularly Quakers — to point out the wrongness of slavery when our country was newly fledged. President Lincoln, acting on the very words upon which our country was founded, took on a segment of our country that built itself on the extremely un-Christian, inhumane mistreatment of other humans because of the color of their skin. Did it go away? No.

We had neighbors, avowed racists, who fled LA after the Watts riots in the 1960s. Many remember the mayhem of 1968. Ferguson, Missouri, less than 10 years ago. Has anything changed? No.

In an interview, a politician stated he supports the peaceful protests around the country, but remember to express that protest at the polls in November. We couldn’t agree more. African Americans live daily what most of the rest of us cannot fathom.

Change won’t come overnight or with one election. We all must work hard to keep the efforts to bring equality and justice to all Americans as promised us in the founding documents of our nation.

Rick Meis

Susan Bolgiano


Innocent human lives need to be protected

We have all been horrified by the images of George Floyd’s death. Yes, his life matters, as all lives matter.

However, every day hundreds of human beings are killed by having sharp objects driven into the base of their skull and the contents sucked our, or having their limbs ripped from their body and being vacuumed from their mother’s womb. The majority of these innocent human beings are black. Even in the midst of our justifiable anger and sorrow at the death of George Floyd, Planned Parenthood calls their butchery “essential” and demands that our tax dollars be used to fund the killings of defenseless human lives. We should all be outraged and let our political representatives know we do not want our tax dollars spent to destroy more lives. We also need to support families through crisis pregnancy centers.

Choose life.

Karel Dyer

Baker City

Hearts column well done

Regarding your “Changing hearts, minds” in the June 6 Herald ...Well done. Very well done.

Dixie Sutton

Baker City

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