City needs to be sure new playground is sanitized

I read, with great hope, about the revamping of the Baker City playground. I had hoped to read the method by which the keepers will clean the equipment between uses or even 3-4 times a day; whichever is the best. Nothing in the story referred to that difficulty. The playground looks and reads like a wonderful place for children and their parents to get out of the house while COVID is a major problem. However, would like to see how cleanliness will be maintained. Hope there is a reasonable plan.

Iva Mace

Baker City

Together we can defend American values of equality

When I was a boy my Dad and I used to hang the American flag out our second-story window on a long wooden pole. My Dad learned from his Dad, who served in the Pacific in WWII. It was a family ritual. Now my young daughter will learn from me, as we have started putting the flag out together. I want her to be a good American; to know the values behind the flag; to understand the importance of equality, justice, and liberty.

For anyone still curious about the Black Lives Matter protest last Tuesday, this gathering was about these very values. Racial injustice exists in America today for people of color. Our society is not yet equal. Liberty has not yet been secured for all. I brought my daughter to the protest to advocate for a more just future for our country. I also want her to know that to be a true patriot you must not just hang the flag, but stand up for the values behind it.

The Constitution is clear. It begins “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice…” Justice is the promise of fairness before the law. The protests growing across Baker County and this nation seek to form a more perfect union by ensuring that all Americans are treated equally before the law. This is an American cause. This is patriotic.

To those who counter-protest against calls for racial justice: It is your right, but it is un-American. Attaching a flag to your truck does not make you a patriot. Nor does facing down families, high school students, and neighbors with assault rifles. Get out of your pickup, leave the guns at home; and join us. Together we can work toward a more inclusive and just society. Together we can defend American values and form a more perfect union.

Ethan Wolston

Baker City

This is not a time for divisive, threatening talk

With the exception of my sisters threatening to hit me if I didn’t follow their commands, I have never really been directly threatened — until last week.

Under the guise of journalistic fairness the Herald chose to print a threat to local advocates of racial justice. Without any basis in reality, an armed objector to the rally called the justice group “rioters.” He went on to issue the threat “They’re not going to break up anything in this town. We’ve got a lot of people who are willing to stand between them and that opportunity.” In full paranoid meltdown he went on to say the rally attendees, his Baker County neighbors, are trying to destroy America.

Wow! Dial it back dude.

What is so scary about people who believe that every life is worthy of dignity and justice? Equal rights for others does not mean less rights for you. It’s not a pie!

People willing to stand out in the rain holding signs expressing care, concern, and solidarity for the lives of people of color is the opposite of destruction. It is about strengthening America, our country, that we all love dearly. We all benefit when our communities acknowledge and support the rights of all.

Baker City Police have strong local support. They have been tasked and trained to protect people and property. Armed vigilantes, gathering for the ostensible purpose of preventing looting, make the work of local police more complicated and potentially more dangerous.

Come on Baker City, embrace your humanity and shut down the divisive talk. We are at a critical juncture in our nation’s history. It is time for us to find the common ground that we share. It is time to use our voices and votes to ensure liberty and justice for all.

Cynthia Roberts

Baker City

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