It’s time to start thinking about the drought

Guess it’s time we talked about the drought.

Being a farming and ranching community, this is likely to hit us pretty hard in the near future. Tourism isn’t enough to save us economically. The long-range forecast says this drought condition will continue to worsen. In fact, some areas are seeing the driest conditions in 1,200 years.

If you can’t grow crops or water cattle, what are we to do?

Then you have to consider people in town here. We HAVE to have water to drink. That’s priority No. 1. Nothing can live without water and that includes us. Will it get so bad later in the summer that we can no longer water our grass or fill a pool? Quite possibly. And we should be thinking about this.

I see all the sprinklers going this morning as I write. Worked hard the past couple of years to give my place a nice yard with grass that looks like premium carpet. Might I have to give it up soon? Watch the flowers wilt and turn to dust? And the grass will become sunburnt and lifeless. I will if that’s what needs to be done.

I hope the town leaders have some vision of what to do when this comes calling ...

Dan Collins

Baker City

Another date should join Juneteenth as national holiday

On June 19, Juneteenth, 1865 federal troops landed at Galveston Bay in Texas and ended 200 years of slavery. It is now and should be a national holiday. But there is an even more important date — April 19, 1775, when at a bridge on Lexington Green a shot heard around the world was fired. That shot was literally heard around the world. It challenged tyranny, which at that time was vested in royalty. Royalty, the idea that you are born to rule and could pass that on to your heirs. The idea of republics, where the people elect their leaders caught on. Bolivar in South America challenged Spanish royalty, the French chopped their heads off. Later the Russians shot their royal family. The republic idea caught on, except in the so-called Great Britain, Islands, where they still kiss the royal arse.

I guess it is the failure of the American education system that subjects me to what Megan and Harry are doing. They are everywhere, even Fox News. Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity both have had Piers Morgan on, because he trashes Harry and Megan. Morgan is a staunch supporter of the royal family. He is, however, a vocal opponent of our Second Amendment. It shouldn’t be hard to google Piers defending the British idea that only the elite should possess arms, the exact opposite of the American ideal.

Enough crap about whether Biden violated royal protocol and other such tripe. I don’t care if there is another royal brat, I don’t want to hear anymore about an American royal baby. Titles of royalty are specifically prohibited in our constitution. Coverage of Megan and Harry gives our poorly educated citizenry the idea that royalty is a legitimate form of government. That shot fired at Lexington Green challenged that.

It is time to teach history in our schools again and it is time that April 19 becomes a national holiday. It set the idea that people of all colors all around the world are capable of controlling their own lives. People of all colors.

Steve Culley

Baker City

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