Bond measure adds to the tax burden for residents

Just a few words on the bond issue. Every year our taxes go up 3 to 4% and it is getting pretty high. It is getting hard for those of us on Social Security to pay it.

What if the school board would quit making new jobs and not be paying such high wages. The top 10 wage earners for the school are costing us at least $1 million a year and they will be getting raises. Too bad they wouldn’t do like the sawmills did us and cut wages 10%. But they don’t do that any more, they just tax the people instead.

Joe Johnson

Baker City

Americans need to wake up before they lose freedom

I wrote a letter to the editor about 10 years ago that bears repeating. I wrote about this country on the verge of losing its freedom as we know it. The difference between a citizen and a subject! Seems a lot of us still don’t know the big difference between freedom and domination. Looks like we are about to make a lot of the same mistakes again. As it was said then, freedom only stays free as long as the people are willing to stand up and fight for it. Too many still have their head stuck in the sand, not realizing what is still exposed. We have some leaders who have their own agenda and are willing to destroy our country and our way of life to get it (power and money). There was a Russian leader years ago who said, “America would fail from the inside by its own people.” Sure hope he’s wrong.

But now look, we have the radicals, Socialist party wanting to change this country. I don’t know about you, but I like it the way it is. It’s time to wake up, and come out of the dream world, time to realize freebies are not free, someone must pay for them. The Constitution was written for us to keep big government in check, not the other way around. But big government is getting louder and louder while you and I are being silenced. Time to wake up, American people, before it’s too late. We don’t need a Communist takeover.

In closing, we need to send Vice President Harris a map to the U.S.-Mexico border, poor thing is having a hard time finding it. Hey, Joe! It’s we the people, not the government. And what part of “shall not be infringed on” do you not understand. If you want a woman president, I vote for Judge Jeanine!

Richard Fox

Baker City

Trump acolytes need to concede that he lost

Hi everybody. “Moscow” Mike here. I wish to thank Retrumplican Ricky Rienks for bestowing our former president’s favorite place to visit with his best friend Putin as as my new handle. Thank you Rick! I am not sure your guru would approve..but thanks anyway.

Things have been accumulating on my mind lately, believe it or not. First I wish to let all those that won’t wear a mask, won’t social distance, and won’t get vaccinated know that you need to quit your incessant whining about mandate or restrictions. If just the mask and social distancing had been adhered to the mandates would be a moot point. I realize you are special, you have rights, blah, blah, blah, me, me, me ... so sorry but it doesn’t work both ways princes and princesses. I understand that our dysfunctional City Council is reinforcing all of this crybaby ridiculousness, but remember, you can actually think for yourself! If you have watched our Mayor you can be assured she is only thinking of her own, excuse me, disturbing self. I am having great difficulty learning, and coming to grips with, just how many bitter conspiracy-embracing citizens live in our local community. This is so reminiscent of the rampant willingness to continue, ad nauseam, to accept a certified con man, failed businessman and criminal TV personality as anything but a democracy killing traitor, and that is putting it mildly. Absolutely mind boggling! Please take down the stupid signs and silly flags the treasonous criminal lost and will most likely be going to jail. So when you see letters from the Culleys, pathetically trying to deny racism while actually promoting and justifying racism, and the misconception of the Rienks who think Fox News is actually news, I hope others will not judge our beautiful corner of paradise by the words and actions of a few. Lastly all those that wish to move the borders of Oregon and give it to Idaho, please just move. And as always.. I will be happy to help you pack. Peace to all, Moscow Mike.

Mike Meyer

Baker City

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