Letter writers not qualified to diagnose president

I vacillated, trying to stay out of the low level, disgusting rhetoric issued by certain members of our community. They claim the ability to discern the President’s state of mental health. In my life I have never seen such ludicrous exposition and venom from a high point of ignorance as the letters of recent publication. Mature dialog requires knowledge of a topic from all sides before formulating a position. Attacking a person in broad generalities reveals a paucity of knowledge and vocabulary. Now, more than ever, we really need to discuss as adults the specific issues we face. This is a precursor to consensus. We don’t need to waste time and ink on those who bring nothing of substance to the discussion.

Rick Rienks

Baker City

Bentz best choice to replace Walden in Congress

Cliff Bentz is the best choice to replace Greg Walden. I have known Cliff for many years and I know him to be a strong conservative that values the right to life, personal liberty, and limited government.

Cliff has extensive knowledge of natural resource issues involving water, grazing, and timber and the industries they impact. He has been endorsed by the Oregon Cattleman’s Association and many elected officials across the district.

Recent polls show that there are only three candidates that have a legitimate chance of winning this race: Cliff Bentz, Jimmy Crumpacker, and Knute Buehler. Cliff is the only one of these three that has spent his life living and working in this district, all while volunteering his time to make District 2 a better place.

Cliff stood up to Kate Brown and the liberal agenda in Salem and he’ll work hard for us in Washington, D.C.

If you haven’t voted yet, please do so and drop your ballot off at one of the drop box locations. Please join me in voting for Cliff Bentz.

Martin Arritola


Criticism of president doesn’t have to be uncivil

President Trump is an odd person and extremely egocentric. I’ll grant to anyone that he has those characteristics. But calling him a sociopath (see Marshall McComb’s letter to the editor of May 7) projects incivility that is unwarranted and adds to the rancor that we see too much in current political discussion.

We certainly have political differences in our community, and nation, but I believe our manner and style of disagreement should be cordial and we should all work toward that.

Maybe perspective would help. I recently finished reading another book about the Civil War, my favorite topic. Although the history is fascinating it was a good reminder that there was at least one time in our past that conditions were far worse than today. In 1856 a southern Democrat Representative, Preston Brooks, attacked a northern Republican Senator, Charles Sumner, on the Senate floor, beating him horribly and only quitting when his cane finally broke. Events soon get worse than that. Within five years Americans were at war with each other, killing as many as have died in all other wars combined. It was the saddest period in America’s history. During that time many vilified President Lincoln, referring to him as an ape or other nasty things, insulting him and criticizing him in many ways. Today, however, we recognize Lincoln as one of, or maybe the greatest President who persevered in preserving our nation.

How President Trump will be remembered in history remains to be seen but, in the meantime, I encourage everyone to be more considerate. We may have our political differences but we’re all in this together. We should learn from our past in how we treat each other and the President.

James Carnahan

Baker City

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