Speculation about Trump’s mental fitness not out of order

The Rienks and Carnahan letters to the editor (May 16) chastise Marshall McComb for his letter to the editor (May 7).

I’m well acquainted with Marshall McComb. He is one of the wisest and most compassionate persons I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

In his letter McComb acknowledges that he is not a psychologist or a psychiatrist, but believes that the definition of a sociopath fits Trump.

McComb lists behaviors of a sociopath, which he believes President Trump exhibits: glibness and superficial charm; manipulative and conning, never recognizing the rights of others and seeing his self-serving behavior as permissible; grandiose sense of self; pathological lying; lack of remorse, shame, or guilt; shallow emotions; incapacity for love.

Many psychiatrists have expressed similar views about Trump’s behavior. (If the reader Googles “Is Trump mentally ill?” he/she will find that many renowned psychiatrists say that Trump is so mentally unstable that he’s unfit for office.)

In their letters Rienks and Carnahan address not one of the characteristics that define a sociopath. They express no opinion pro or con about whether Trump exhibits any of the characteristics McComb lists.

Instead, their letters contain benign platitudes about how we should “be more considerate” and engage in “mature dialog.”

Rienks concludes his letter criticizing McComb this way: “We don’t need to waste time and ink on those who bring nothing of substance to the discussion.”

Exactly my opinion about the letters penned by Rick Rienks and Jim Carnahan.

Gary Dielman

Baker City

Waiting for a ‘united we stand’ pandemic moment

Thank you to the cashiers, the healthcare workers, the truck drivers, the mail carriers, and all workers keeping our community functioning through this pandemic. I am grateful for your courage. Thank you to those who are practicing social distancing and have given me space on the street or in the aisle. Thank you for wearing a mask even though it may feel strange. Thanks for making sacrifices to your daily lives so we may protect the most vulnerable and honor the common good. United we stand.

I was a freshman in high school in 2001 when the Twin Towers fell. I grew up 3 hours from New York. I will never forget the national feeling of unity that followed the horrific event. Fire departments from across the U.S. drove to NYC to dig through the rubble. Americans of all types dawned NYPD and FDNY gear to show support. It was a “united we stand” moment. My twin brother lives in New York. As of May 15, the CDC reported over 87,000 American deaths from COVID-19. I want that feeling of unity to return to our community and country, but sadly I’m still waiting.

Recently our county commissioner, Bill Harvey, complained about the high school track being closed. This week he joined a lawsuit suing our Governor. Commissioner Harvey, united we stand and divided we fall. Your comments about the track were negligent and entitled. Your support of a lawsuit that views public health guidelines as “fearmongering” is dangerous. I’m sorry this virus has harmed your business. However, many have had to pay the ultimate price. A prosperous future lies in working together and supporting one another. In a time of national crisis and death, please stop picking petty fights. We need leadership that can bring people together.

Ethan Wolston

Baker City

Don’t risk our health under guise of religious freedom

I was gonna just let it go. I would turn the other cheek. Daily it would pop into my head. I would do my best to ignore it. Alas I couldn’t take it. It was not going away and my only remedy was to respond. I am talking about the group of churches, pastors and congregants that filed a lawsuit against the Governor, citing unconstitutional restrictions due to the coronavirus. The first word that popped into my head was “selfish.”

I have yet to hear of a church or pastor collapsing into bankruptcy. Meanwhile many of our small businesses will never recover from this horrendous virus. The effect on these churches’ pocketbooks is not mentioned in the lawsuit but methinks it is a huge issue in pulling the old “religious freedom” lawsuit card. If you can’t assemble you can’t pass the basket, you can’t have the fundraisers etc. yet I can’t believe they would throw their fellow man under the bus because they “know” when it’s safe to start gathering in crowds of 25 or more.

Just guessing but pretty sure our Governor didn’t pull these rules and restrictions out of a hat. Just maybe they were put together by a team of top professionals and advisers to keep everyone as safe as possible, not specifically designed to inflict harm or damage on churches.

They say there is only one true God but it seems like money is continuously hanging around trying to sneak its way in, always a close second. When I read about churches suing our Governor over rules implemented to protect everyone I asked myself “What would Jesus do?”

This thing will be over soon and church services, fundraisers, social gatherings will again be in full swing. For the short term I’m confident we can all handle our own spiritual fulfillment. If a support group of like minded souls is a necessity in your life then by all means reach out via phone or computer. Please don’t endanger my life under the guise of religious freedom. Peace to all.

Mike Meyer

Baker City

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(1) comment

Dan Collins

My, so many topics.

Trump was never qualified to become a president to begin with. He has strained under the load we are all now at risk. On several fronts. But of course, the ultimate problem isn't Trump. It's all the people who voted for him. Some were duped and have since changed their mind. But the rest of you follow him like the cult of personality you are. In your eyes, he can do no wrong. You are so convinced in this person, you have lost perspective. It's up to people like me who have no politcal affilations to remind you of it. I'm about country. I don't give a hoot about either party. It's the system itself that is broken. And that means you as voters are also broken. You're not well informed, you're programmed. And have been for decades.

As I write, the jet flyovers have taken place in honor of all the healthcare workers. Salute.

And finally the religious. Which is really another form of cultism. They have you convinced they have some kind of divine authority. No, they do not. Religions, ALL religions, are manmade entities. Force of argument over weaker minds. Weak minds don't ask for proof... And when the religious get involved in politics? The children born from such a union are pretty darn ugly.

Have a nice weekend. :)

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