City Council’s cavalier attitude toward vaccination rates

Please extend my appreciation to Samantha O’Conner for the article she wrote about the April 27 Baker City Council meeting.

The article showed Beverly Calder’s courage in insisting on addressing the Council’s responsibility to set an example for dealing with this community’s Corona crisis, especially vaccination hesitancy.

Except for Councilors Sells and Spriet, Mayor McQuisten and four other councilors are taking a very cavalier attitude toward the fact that many of our citizens are not getting vaccinated. The Council is thereby condoning citizens not doing what’s necessary for our community to reach herd immunity. Such an attitude will lead to further spread of the virus and its variants and to unnecessary suffering and deaths.

Mayor McQuisten, rather than leading during this time of crisis, rather flippantly said it’s not the Council’s place to act as “nannies” for residents. How disgraceful!

Gary Dielman

Baker City

Local residents have the power to help businesses survive

If I hear one more person complaining about our poor local businesses and how they are suffering while these same individuals refuse to mask up, keep a safe distance or quit having parties that turn into super spreader events, I am going to lose it!

What is wrong with you people? Don’t you understand that YOU have had the power all along to minimize this? YOU can help local businesses stay open. All you have to do is wear a mask, social distance, get vaccinated, and quit having those lovely little family gatherings for a while until this thing is under control. If you don’t want to mask up and keep your distance, then stay home! You sound like a bunch of spoiled little brats demanding another candy bar.

Asking too much? Apparently, because too many of you are not bothering. If you don’t want to participate in resolving this dreadful disease, then for God’s sake, keep your mouths shut. You have no right to complain when you refuse to be part of the solution.

YOU are putting local businesses in the red.

YOU are responsible for the spread of coronavirus.

Quit using Governor Brown as your scapegoat. She’s trying to save lives across the state and you are not making it any easier. Guidelines have been established and there are several million of us that must cooperate now.

This is not about your rights.

This is about your choices.

Choose to be part of the solution and help our local businesses survive.

Cindy Birko

Baker City

A simple way to express attitudes about border change

Mr. Deschner has written a well-reasoned and entertaining letter concerning a proposed border change between Oregon and Idaho. However, the length of the letter may be intimidating to those people to whom he refers in his comment about Idaho’s welcome sign alongside the freeway. A simple acronym is already in place as the state’s name which proclaims the attitude projected by the border change idea and its supporters — I’m Disgruntled And Hate Oregon.

Buck Pilkenton


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