More to worry about than some power line towers

There still seems to be quite a controversy over Idaho Power’s B2H transmission line and how unsightly the power line towers will be. This reminds me of a Bible verse (Matthew 23:24) that refers to straining at a gnat but swallowing a camel. In this case Idaho Power’s B2H is the gnat. Unless the people react, the camel will be what is talked about, as follows.

The present administration wants to totally eliminate the use of fossil fuels including for generating electricity, and there is talk of breaching our power-generating dams. This would do away with the two main sources of electricity for this area. They propose replacing these power sources with wind turbines and fields of solar panels.

Just to meet the present demand for electricity would require wind turbines on every hilltop and along every ridge, and solar panels covering a good portion of the flatter land. What a sight that would be.

If that isn’t bad enough, just think of all the extra electricity that will be needed if the remainder of their plans are enacted. Their plan includes, over a relatively short period, making all cars electric and all homes totally electric.

Since their plan appears to be completely eliminate the use of fossil fuels, it can be assumed that cars, trucks, farm machinery, heavy equipment, trains, planes, ships, etc. would be included. In addition to homes there would be restaurants, stores, factories, steel mills, aluminum plants, hospitals, etc.

The next point deals with the fact that not only will you have a vast number of wind turbines and solar panel fields to deal with, but just think of all the new power lines they will create. Just think of all the substations it will require to gather the electricity and send it to where it is needed. Just think of all the electrical points along the highways that will be required to recharge vehicle batteries.

What I have said here may not be 100% accurate but it is enough to indicate that the people of this area have a lot more to be concerned about visually than a few transmission towers on Idaho Power’s B2H proposal.

I have an anonymous email from a few years back where someone wrote the obituary for common sense. Based on the direction the present administration is going I would say the email was correct, and common sense is dead.

Dick Culley

Baker City

Some people too selfish to help city return to normal

Bravo to Gary Dielman and Cindy Birko for sharing their views regarding the attitudes of the local stupidheads who are the biggest problems facing us in Baker in getting our lives back to normal. I am so disgusted with the lack of intelligence many in the community apparently possess and the flagrant city council members lack of leadership. Shame on you all. I wear a mask for you but you are too selfish to help our city get back to normal.

Robin Raskin

Baker City

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