Thoughts on Veterans Day and train whistles

First, I attended the Veterans Day Memorial at the Baker County Courthouse on Monday, Nov. 11, at eleven o’clock. Thank you to the veterans in attendance, and also a “thank you” to the respectful citizens present. Two things during the event troubled me. First, the American flag flying on the County Seat flagpole needs to be replaced respectfully due to it being tattered with weather wear and tear; in addition, the speaker system used both at the Mount Hope Cemetery Memorial Day ceremony, and during the Veterans Memorial Event at the Baker County Courthouse each holiday is not effective, as it should ring out loud and clearly!

Secondly, I would like to comment on the city issue regarding the train whistles  as described in current editions of the Baker City Herald. First, do people remember not so long ago, that four young teenagers were injured at the Haines railroad crossing, due to the fact that they were impatient with the crossbars being down and hearing no train whistle decided to zigzag skirt around the crossbars being hit on the train tracks by the oncoming train, and with no escape available quick enough? 

 Additionally, in reading the articles also addressing train whistles and Quiet Zone designations in La Grande, as well; may I ask or point out where and how would Baker City be able to meet the same regulation that La Grande must now meet of possibly $200,000 to make the railroad crossings be more safe than ever before, in order to meet the requirements for a Quiet Zone being granted? Taxpayers?

It only seems common sense that if my choice of home was located near the current established railroad tracks, that I would assume that my common sense would tell me that I would certainly be hearing the traveling trains’ alert announcement for public safety concerns!

Sharing my thoughts, and thank you for providing the venue to do so! 

Cheryl Gushman

Baker City

Parents shouldn’t encourage child to question gender

I’m asking for spiritual help in writing this letter because of the nature of it. When I first heard on the news about what the parents of a 7-year-old were putting this child through I was just a little angry. How could anyone in their right mind do this to any child, let along their own. With the mother the child has to act and dress as a girl, with the father dress and act as a boy. Do the parents have any idea what they are doing to this child’s mind, especially when older? Or do they care?

Question: What’s on the birth certificate? That is the child’s sex, either male or female, there’s no way by playing God anyone can change that. Please excuse me if I recall God saying He made them male or female, not anything in between

 You as parents had better find out what your schools are teaching. Some are teaching that children can choose what sex they want to be, male or female. Are they trying to destroy a generation of children growing up in an already confused world? I have to hotly disagree with the transgender belief that you can change your sex with a knife or with a transplant. God does not make mistakes, and you are not God, that you can recreate what is already done. Whatever is changed on the outside, never changes what’s on the inside. Whatever your birth certificate says, you are still on the inside. Where is the social service on the problem with this 7-year-old? It’s truly child abuse in the highest form.

God can and will forgive you for the modulation of your body if you ask sincerely. Please read Romans 1:24-32, Isaiah 5:20-24, Isaiah 55:7 and Proverbs 28:13.

Richard Fox

Baker City

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