Vote No on Measure 1-74

I keep hearing party platforms don’t need to be involved in county business, but in fact they are essential. There is a distinct and clear contrast in reasoning between conservative and liberal views when it comes to decisions that are made regarding public and private land use, jobs, and industry here in Baker County.

There is a difference between liberal centralized approaches when receiving grants, allowing optional federal policies through agreements and contracts, and openly welcoming the behemoth that is nationalization. This stands as a stark contrast to the more conservative approach of local governance, self-reliance, and solutions based on the ingenuity and creativity of people and resources in the county.

The Windy Ridge/Cornet and Dry Gulch fires are striking examples of big government letting structures burn while local farmers and ranchers were out late at night fighting to protect their families and neighbors. This is an example of a nationalization of policies, not local control.

People need to know and consider the core beliefs of candidates for county offices, and party platforms must be considered as an indicator. Vote No on Measure 1-74!

Frank McCleary


Trump picks a Baker boy

Anyone remember Myron Ebell? His parents had a farm just south of the cemetery. They were great people, as Baker people are. His mother was my seventh-grade teacher and loved by all. Myron has many friends and kinfolk in Baker as they were an old family here.

Myron has been in politics for years and has been chosen as a member of Trump’s transition team. Trump has chosen only the best and most honest people for his campaign and Myron is no exception. I think this is amazing that Trump picked a Baker boy. He couldn’t have done better.

Grover Mann

Baker City

1-74 eliminates political games

Vote Yes on Measure 1-74. I firmly believe that the job of our Baker County commissioners is not political. It is about managing the business of this county. Period.

As a Republican, I believe every registered voter in Baker County should have the right to vote for the County Commission candidate of their choice in both the primary and general election. No hoops to jump through. No political games. No party-switching.

Make every Baker County Commission candidate accountable to all of us in each and every election because of their qualifications, not their party registration. It is that simple.

Vote Yes on Measure 1-74. It is time to Kick Politics Out of Baker County’s Business.

Randy Guyer

Baker County

Baker needs a dog park

I am a concerned citizen speaking up for the intended dog park over by Sam-O Swim. It is a great area for the two parks, one for large dogs, one for small dogs. They need help. Donations, interested dog owners, volunteers and supplies to build the park.

Right now we have people walking their dogs on leashes all over town when we could go to the dog park, meet people, let the dogs run in freedom that don’t have backyards at home.

Please become a part of the solution and get involved.

Tammy Hadley

Baker City

Ash will serve citizens best

When voters read that a candidate for Baker County Sheriff intends to be a “constitutional sheriff,” they should understand the term is not a vague expression of patriotism, nor an assurance that the candidate will follow the Constitution as most of us understand it. It’s a specific reference to a position we don’t actually offer in Baker County.

The term “constitutional sheriff” is the brainchild of the “Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers’ Association,” a group whose founder is also a director of the militant “Oath Keepers” organization. The CSPOA preaches that the “constitutional sheriff” is the ultimate authority within a county’s borders, empowered to interpret the Constitution for its citizens; to “nullify” (ignore) or actually block the enforcement of state and federal laws he doesn’t agree with; to interfere with state and federal agents in the performance of their lawful duties; to appoint small armies of anonymous civilian “special deputies” with full access to law-enforcement resources; and so forth.

It ain’t rocket science, folks. What’s being described here, even if it goes as planned, is no longer a society of equal protection under the law, and checks and balances — it’s a society entrusted to the judgment of one person, or whoever’s pulling his strings. But of course, it doesn’t actually go as planned — state and federal laws still apply in the real world, and state and federal officers can still act, and pretty soon you have a mess like the one going on with Glenn Palmer over in neighboring Grant County.

Baker County voters who really want to go on enjoying their Constitutional protections will cast their ballots for Sheriff Travis Ash instead.

Travis has broad experience and training, the utmost personal integrity, strong local roots, and a passion for the job he already does so well — enforcing the law and defending our Constitution as the vast majority of Americans understand it. He will serve the citizens of Baker County rather than any hidden agenda, act with real compassion and common sense, and continue to hire the best-qualified law enforcement professionals he can recruit.

Robert Crawford


Vote Yes on Measure 1-74

Baker County voters should be aware that if Measure 1-74 is defeated, and county commission seats remain partisan, the Baker County Republican Central Committee would be able to determine which candidates would be eligible to be appointed, by the two remaining commissioners, to replace a Republican commissioner who retired or otherwise left office. This would be done without going before the voters — even if the resigning commissioner won the primary against the Committee’s best efforts to defeat him because he opposed its agenda. That’s not “transparency” at all — it’s a way to get around the clear will of the majority if you can engineer a resignation.

If voters must know the political affiliations of someone running for a nonpartisan position, they can always just ask and vote accordingly. Vote yes on 1-74.

Carla Inman


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