Harvey has proved that he deserves to be re-elected

In examining our choices for Baker County Commission Position One, it is clear that both candidates have established successful businesses. Both can successfully manage business accounting and balance their books. Over the last four years Bill Harvey has proven he is up to the job of effectively managing the County’s budget. However, managing fiscal assets and overall economic health of our county takes more than accounting skills, it takes charisma. It requires organizational skills, salesmanship, proactive relationship-building and maintaining an effective environment for working with individuals and corporations that fuel the economic engine of our local government.

During his tenure Commissioner Harvey has proven abilities in the latter skill set. In just one case, there has been tremendous savings to Baker County, in the negotiation of a benevolent gift from one of our most valued private employers, Ash Grove Cement, when they contributed $310,000 out of their pocket to assist the County in the demolition of the abandoned plant in Lime. He, by invitation, has represented Baker County at the congressional subcommittee on forest action issues in Washington, D.C., to defend our stake in managing and accessing our national lands. We have seen the long hoped for advent of a new food store, Grocery Outlet, and the many jobs it will bring. Under Bill Harvey’s leadership, the County is healthy with a promising future. Yes, it takes more than accounting, and Bill Harvey has what it takes.

Please join me in re-electing Bill Harvey.

Chuck Chase

Baker City

No need to build an expensive new school

I noticed in the Herald that the big spenders want to build a new school. I drove around the City Hall, the Courthouse and the School District office building and guess what, no money trees. I hope the school plans to teach math as they say the bond will be $48 million over 30 years. Many local residents will never see this debt paid off, not to mention cost overrun, plan changes, upkeep, repairs and parking lots for cars and buses as most students will have to be transported. This will be a little far for walking. Then comes the sweetheart of all — if we think property tax is crazy now, just wait, an increase in property tax is a lifetime tax that never goes away.

Our older school buildings are well-built so why not let local contractors do some renovation every year and keep the money at home? And also help some of the working people make a living. There have been many important and some famous people in Baker over the years and they were helped along by good teachers, not the fancy classroom. I had a good friend in the Sumpter area that went to school at Lockhart, a one-room school with one teacher teaching eight grades. There was a woodstove for heat and the restroom was that little building in the back yard. This friend finished high school at Baker High, got married, took a job as manager of a Standard Oil gas station, worked nights, attending college during the day, and graduated with a 4.0 average in engineering. This is just one story of many Baker people, so we will have to let the taxpayers decide.

Grover Mann

Baker City

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