Planning Commission should reject proposed cell tower

Whit Deschner’s poem in the October 25th edition of the Baker City Herald is pure poetic genius. It’s also quite humorous.

But Deschner’s criticism of the proposed 70-foot-tall cell tower is meant to be taken VERY seriously.

For the Baker City Planning Commission it should be a slam-dunk “NO” decision to reject the proposal.

I suggest that every member of the Planning Commission, City Council, and all citizens go see the proposed site, which includes a dense residential area within a football field’s distance.

Here’s how you get there. Go to the corner of Main and D, where City Manager Fred Warner Jr., lives. Drive east on D Street over the Powder River bridge and a little further until you’re at the north end of the Fairgrounds and Leo Adler Baseball Park. Stop and look north. Then visualize a structure standing there that is as tall as a 7-story building towering several times higher than every building in that part of town.

I have a cellphone going on 10 years old. It has no problem sending and receiving calls and messages in every part of Baker City. If my cellphone can do that, it means a 70-foot-tall cell tower in the middle of Baker City is completely superfluous.

Gary Dielman

Baker City

Towers are the price of cellphone convenience

Just read an interesting poem sent in by a fellow reader in opposition to the proposed cellphone tower. Now to explain myself, both my wife and I neither one of us have a cellphone or a desire to have one. We have a land line and an answering machine, which has served us faithfully for decades. However I have absolutely no opposition to the cellphone tower being proposed. My fellow poet and the majority of citizens in Baker City have to ask themselves are they willing to give up their cellphones. You can’t have reliable service without towers. Everyone wants the freedom of the cellphone and it comes with a price. You can’t have it both ways. I’ll never understand the “Not in my Backyard” thinking when it comes to wanting something but not willing to pay the price.

Bill Ward

Baker City

Looking forward to Nancy Pelosi as president

Just sitting here thinking, when Mr. Trump is impeached, and vice president Pearce is in prison for being an accomplice, the world will be right again, with Nancy Pelosi as president. Donald Trump should face charges of treason. He is not an American icon, he is an infatuation of all the people out there who wanted change, but chose wrong. He has made the greatest country in the world vulnerable, for his own gain. Wake up America.

Donald Worley

Baker City

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