We must never forget 9-11-01

Driving down Second Street on Wednesday, Patriot Day, I encountered the beautiful American flag display in front of the fire station. Turning onto Main Street, all I could think was, “Where are the flags?” Later in the morning my husband and I drove to La Grande, and saw flags flying all down the main thoroughfare. Listening to radio and TV remembrances of 9-11-01 reaffirmed my conviction that the tragedy of that day as well as many heroic actions of our citizens must continue to be commemorated, so that our children and grandchildren realize that freedom must not be taken for granted. Patriot Day is another occasion for that immortal phrase: Lest we forget.

Julie Jeffs

Baker City

Wishing people had more respect for flag

I was honored to be at the Baker City Fire Department for their ceremony honoring September 11. However, I was very dismayed at the number of people, fire and police personnel, media and civilians that were not respectful by either being quiet and removing their hats, or put their hands over their hearts when the large flag was being raised on the fire truck. 

I was raised and taught that WHENEVER the American flag was raised, you stood up, were quiet and respectful when the flag was presented. No, it was not part of the ceremony, but it still went up! People acted like, so what?

During the ceremony, many people were talking. Only when they asked for a moment of silence, were they. When they raised and lowered the flag on the flagpole, yes, the women and men in uniform were at attention, but others were talking. I was in a position to see that I and one other person, stood and put our hands over our hearts. 

Maybe next year or the next time they do this, the fire department should ask the military to join them and show them how it’s done!

I wonder how many there, were there just to say they went.


Cindy Abbey


Baker City

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