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Custom bedding is what makes your master bedroom feel like it’s yours alone. It’s made exclusively for your bedroom to match your taste and style. And when you consider the many years of use you’ll get from custom bedding, it is one of the joys that makes a master bedroom feel like a haven.

The topper

You may choose a bedspread, a coverlet or a duvet cover. Depending on your lifestyle and the style of your bedroom, one will be preferable. If you want calm and romantic, a soft color in a rich fabric will suit the room. If modern is your bent, there are some wonderful, crisp, geometric fabrics that will make a fabulous cover for your bed. If your fur baby will be sleeping with you, you may want to consider using an overall print to disguise any fur left behind by that baby.


Think about the accent pillows. Euro pillows (an oversized 26 inch by 26 inch pillow) will do a great job of hiding those mussed up pillows you lay your head on every night. Their square shape stands up nicely in front of your sleeping pillows. In front of those, a smaller decorative pillow or two can be handy for a quick nap.

Box spring

There are a few different solutions to covering an unsightly box spring. Bed skirts aren’t used as much as they once were. However, a well-tailored skirt can effectively hide an ugly box spring that you don’t want to see. It’s also possible to use a fitted sheet in a coordinating color around the box spring to tie it into your bedding. Another solution can be to make the bed topper (bedspread or coverlet) long enough on the sides to cover the box spring. This last solution, of course, requires making your bed each day!

Custom bedding can’t assure sweet dreams, but there’s nothing like a beautifully pulled together bed to add flare and elegance to your bedroom.