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The popularity of outdoor kitchens has grown in recent years. Whether situated right outside on a deck, or a bit away from the home on a garden patio, the outdoor kitchen offers the opportunity to extend family life and entertaining to the open air. If there’s enough protection from rain and snow, and with the addition of outdoor heaters or a fire pit, it’s possible to extend the usability of your outdoor space into seasons when you’re typically indoors.

Most families start with an outdoor grill, but a fully functional kitchen may be the ultimate goal. By adding warming drawers, side burners, refrigerator, wine cooler and sink, the person cooking will never miss out on the party again.

By adding dining and lounging furniture, a privacy curtain, a TV and/or movie screen you’ll create a cozy outdoor space that you won’t ever want to leave.

Things to consider

When planning on creating that year-round extension of your home, consider your wants and needs, budget and climate. How will the kitchen fit into your home’s architecture and existing landscaping?

Are gas pipes available, or will electric appliances be the better choice?

As the sun goes down, the lighting you choose will become important. Spend time considering how the space will be used. Soft, downward lighting or twinkle lights may work around the dining table and furniture, but you’ll want more direct lighting over work areas.

Consider using faucets with high arching necks for filling large corn or lobster cooking pots.

Remember to choose flooring and/or counter-tops that blend with your garden. While taking your cue from the natural surroundings, you can simultaneously add inspiration and flair to your backyard.

Another great addition to consider is a wood-burning or gas-fueled pizza oven. These ovens are unsurpassed for producing perfect, crispy-crusted, melty-topped pizza that crowds, young and old, will stick around for.

Besides the indisputable pleasure that getting outside more can bring, a goal for any design upgrade to your home is to maximize the home’s value. To this end, a multi-functional outdoor oasis is a great project to consider.