Gerry Steele
The Baker City Herald

Baker closed out its home cross country season Friday, hosting the Baker Invitational at Quail Ridge Golf Course.

“A great day for some amazing runners,” said Baker coach Suzy Cole.

Cole said this was the biggest Baker Invite with 11 teams participating.

“Hopefully we can continue this level of competition on a yearly basis,” Cole said. “As for Baker, I was very pleased with our results.”

On the girls side, every girl except one ran a personal record.

Corah Downing placed eighth overall with a time of 21:53.

“This is remarkable given how difficult our course is,” Cole said. “I am amazed with their performance, and it shows the grit and determination that they have to improve themselves. Their hard work running trails, road and hills all over the county is paying off.

“I am particularly pleased with Sydney Keller and Jayden Rice who had amazing performances,” Cole said.

On the boys side, Baker also had a big number of personal bests, and Kale Cassidy placed fifth overall with a time of 17:29.

“I am so pleased that we have a pack of runners that are performing well which will continue to allow us to be competitive in future races,” Cole said.

“It was a very good day for Joseph Daugherty who was also recognized as a part of our Senior Recognition event.

“We had two freshmen, Gavin Stone and Hayden Younger, who gave it their all and it paid off big time. We are also pleased Jake Cuzick is back after his injury that has kept him sidelined for most of the year,” Cole said.

Baker’s next meet is the Crosby Invitational at Ontario on Thursday.

Baker invitational

(Baker results)

Middle School boys —18. Hudson Spike, 13:24.61. 25. Gabriel Bott, 14:21.71. 29. Seth Mastrude, 14:46.18. 35. Trenton Newman, 15:12.02. 42. Reeve Damschen, 15:39.22. 57. Trenton Cook, 18:24.47. 59. Anthony Christopher, 19:07.52.

Middle School girls — 45. Maddison Gagnon, 19:42.24. 58. Natasha Vogt, 24:27.06.

Varsity girls — 8. Corah Downing, 21:53.70. 12. Sydney Keller, 22:14.18. 14. Salena Bott, 22:48.07. 29. Kaitlyn Waters, 25:05.72. 30. Jayden Rice, 25:28.83. 33. Lacey Jones, 25:49.00. 35. Payton Jones, 25:54.31. 40. Beka Shaw, 26:04.98. 52. Maria Granhus, 27:43.19. 54. Filippa Kraup, 27:49.48. 59. Hollie Mays, 29:28.47. 75. Alaina Cook, 34:43.13. 77. Zoe Carlson-Morrow, 42:34.69.

Varsity boys —5. Kale Cassidy, 17:29.55. 10 Lucas Stearns, 18:23.62. 13 Gavin Stone, 18:59.02. 24 Hayden Younger, 19:41.46. 29. Joseph Daugherty, 20:00.89. 31. Jake Cuzick, 20:04.56. 37. Shane Cunningham, 20:13.36. 45. Alex Gross, 20:37.26. 48. Eithen Hatfield, 20:44.22. 62. Kaiden Dalke, 21:43.85. 71. Joe Couch, 22:32.24. 79. Ian Jesenko, 23:44.54. 87. Connor Jensen, 24:10.39.