Gerry Steele
The Baker City Herald

Baker’s boys finished fourth, and girls sixth Thursday at the Kyle Burnside Wildhorse Invitational cross country meet, Baker’s final tuneup before district.

“Well, the meet was amazing,” said Baker coach Suzy Cole.

“Ideal weather and course conditions at the end of the season make for some great times and that we got.”

Cole said every Baker boy who ran except one ran lifetime best times — most by more than 20 seconds.

The boys team continues to be led by Kale Cassidy, who finished 6th, running a 36-second lifetime best, and Lucas Stearns, who finished 23rd and had a lifetime best by 38 seconds.

“But even more importantly is how well Gavin Stone, Hayden Younger and Alex Gross are improving,” Cole said.

“They also ran incredible races. We know our 3rd through 6 runners are going to have to have this kind of race at districts to contend with the La Grande boys,” Cole said.

On the girls side Baker also ran tough with five of the girls running lifetime bests.

“I felt like Hollie Mays and Jayden Rice ran particularly well,” Cole said.

Corah Downing, Sydney Keller and Selena Bott continue to lead the girls team with all three of them running lifetime bests as well.

“This meet gave us a lot of confidence in where our training is and what our potential can be,” Cole said.

“I feel really good that we are going to give La Grande boys a great fight for the district title. The girls title would be much tougher but we are hoping to close the gap some. We are all very excited for the next two weeks.”

The Greater Oregon League district meet begins Friday at 10 a.m. at Ontario.

Kyle Burnside Wildhorse Invitational

(Baker results)

Boys teams — The Dalles 56, Union 71, Enterprise 93, Baker 124, La Grande 133, Heppner 148, Pendleton 215, Nyssa 251, Walla Walla Valley 260, Stanfield 279, Mac-Hi 304, Ontario 324, Grant Union 386, Riverside 400, Weston-McEwen 430, Yakima Nation Tribal 449.

Baker individual — 6. Kale Cassidy, 16:03.9. 23. Lucas Stearns, 17:22.0. 26. Gavin Stone, 17:32.3. 32. Alex Gross, 17:48.2. 46. Jake Cuzick, 18:20.0. 70. Shane Cunningham, 19:22.0.

Boys JV teams —The Dalles 20, Enterprise 72, Union 80, Pendleton 100, Heppner 127, Baker 134.

Baker JV individuals — 15. Eithen Hatfield, 19:46.5. 25. Kaiden Dalke, 20:12.0. 37. Ian Jesenko, 23:13.7. 39. Kyler Hester, 21:24.8. 53. Connor Jensen, 22:45.7.

Girls teams — Enterprise 55, The Dalles 72, Union 73, La Grande 108, Pendleton 114, Baker 136, Heppner 226, Griswold 238, Ontario 253, Nyssa 267, Mac-Hi 273, Grant Union 285.

Baker individuals — 12. Corah Downing, 20:39.4. 13. Sydney Keller, 20:46.3. 26. Salena Bott, 21:34.3. 48. Lacey Jones, 23:16.2. 49. Jayden Rice, 23:19.0. 66. Kaitlyn Waters, 24:47.5. 70. Beka Shaw, 25:06.5.

Baker JV individuals — 8. Hollie Mays, 24:07.9. 15. Filippa Kranup, 25:59.3. 17. Maria Granhus, 26:22.8. 32. Victoria Hoffman, 34:58.9.