Connor Norton at Practice

Conner Norton is the top-ranked member of Baker High School's trapshooting club.

Almost two dozen members of Baker High School’s trapshooting team have qualified to compete in a state tournament June 24-26 in Hillsboro.

Of the 34 Baker competitors, 23 will travel to Hillsboro, joining as many as 600 shooters at the three-day event.

Baker’s leading hotshot is Conner Norton, with an average of 22.4 targets hit out of 25 per round, meaning he’s cleaned up 89.6% of his targets for the season and currently stands in the top 100 statewide. He finished his last round with a perfect 25 targets on his second trial.

Joining Norton in the varsity group competing at state are Cris Schuh, second in team rankings with a round average of 22; Alex Wise, third at 21.5, and several others within one point of Wise’s average — Gage Hatfield, Jack Heriza, Ryan Brown, Seth Holden and Sam Nelson. Other varsity competitors who qualified for the state event are Joe Zikmund, Jaxon Ford, Matt Rabourne, Jimmy Sullivan, Alex Jaca and Ethan Morgan.

Junior varsity qualifiers are Conner Martin, Remington Benson, Riley Hurliman, Ryan Hansen, Keegan Slobig, Ethan Whiting, Skye Smith, Jose Armenta and Charlie Boulter.

State will be a standalone tournament, meaning competitors won’t be able to ride their current standings any further, but may still qualify for nationals if they perform exceptionally.

The team is expecting to be at the range on the last day, June 26. Their current standings will divide them into class categories, based on experience.

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