Baker’s cross country teams continued to shine Thursday at the annual Weiser Invitational.

The Baker girls placed fourth, and the boys sixth in the team standings.

“Once again the best thing I can say is wow!” said Baker coach Suzy Cole.

Cole said it was very hot in Weiser, 95 to 98 degrees while the teams were running.

“The kids were amazing again, time both on and off the course. Given the heat many runners were struggling especially at the end of the race. The Baker kids who had finished running themselves were not only cheering on their teammates but were also found at the finish line handing out water to all athletes who were finishing up,” Cole said.

The Baker coach said she was worried as the races began.

“I was a little concerned as the kids seemed a little tired, but once the race started they continued to step it up,” Cole said.

Cole said Kaitlyn Waters ran especially well.

“I believe this was her best race of her three years. She ran very competitive. Corah Downing and Sydney Keller continue to set the pace for the team and ran strong again.

“The girls team getting fourth overall out of 19 was a great indicator on how we are progressing.”

On the boys side Kale Cassidy continues to run very strong, finishing fifth overall.

“Our times were a little slower due to the heat and the course was quite a bit more hilly than the Caldwell meet,” Cole said.

She said Johnny Niehuas had a breakout race.

“He really attacked the hills. This being his first year, he is getting more confidence as he figures out how to run the courses and just how tough he is.”

The boys also finished a strong sixth in the team race.

Baker travels to the Catherine Creek Scamper Friday at Union.

Weiser Invitational

(Baker results)

Boys Middle School — 58. Jordan Mills, 14:51.94. 66. Reeve Damschen, 15:00.51. 133. Trenton Newman, 19:20.31. 149. Cole Hester, 22:42.24.

Girls JV — 43. Hollie Mays, 31:35.15. 50. Payton Jones, 34:156.74. 65. Maria Granhus, 41:12.77.

Boys JV — 25. Kyler Hester, 23:01.15. 33. Joseph Daugherty, 23:18.61. 43. Eithen Hatfield, 23:57.37. 59. Kaden Dalke, 24:59.64. 73. Ian Jesenko, 26:26.36. 81. Joe Couch, 27:28.75. 89. Connor Jensen, 28:35.55.

Girls varsity — 12. Corah Downing, 23:17.32. 16. Sydney Keller, 23:38.69. 29. Salena Bott, 25:40.16. 44. Kaitlyn Waters, 25:55.42. 55. Lacey Jones, 27:07.39. 62. Jayden Rice, 27:14.94. 93. Beka Shaw, 31:34.31.

Boys varsity — 5. Kale Cassidy, 17:48.92. 20. John Niehaus, 19:02.31. 25. Lucas Stearns, 19:21.19. 43. Gavin Stone, 19:48.61. 59. Alex Gross, 20:39.26. 74. Hayden Younger, 21:03.38. 81. Shane Cunningham, 21:21.42.

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