The Baker girls finished first and the boys placed second in a multi-school track and field meet Thursday, April 22 at Nyssa.

“The kids continue to impress us, they did a great job at competing,” Baker coach Suzy Cole said.

The Baker girls competed against Huntington, Nyssa, Adrian, Riverside, Burns, Vale, Irrigon and Harper. Baker finished with 230 points, doubling runner-up Nyssa with 115.

The same teams, minus Irrigon, competed on the boys side. Adrian won the team title with 144 points. Baker had 128 points.

Girls individual winners

• Emma Baeth in both the 400 and the 800

• Sydney Lamb in the 3,000

• Anna Belding in the 200

• Sydney Keller set a person record in winning the 1,500 in 5:14.67

• Brooklyn Jaca, 300 hurdles

• 4x100 relay team — Alexis Conant, Brooklyn Jaca, Anna Belding, Sydnee Pierce

• 4x400 relay team — Anna Belding, Sydnee Pierce, Sydney Keller, Emma Baeth

• Hayden Paulsen, javelin

Boys individual winners

• Jordan Mills, 800

• Ian Jesenko, long jump


(Baker and Huntington finishers)

100 meters, girls

3. Sydnee Pierce; 6. Alexis Conant; 13. Colleen Carlsen (Huntington); 14. Jocelyn Reiher (Huntington)

100 meters, boys

3. Kaden Myer; 4. Malaki Myer; 12. Ian Jesenko; 15. Peter Zugic (Huntington); 20. Bailey Hicks (Huntington);

27. Michael Carlsen (Huntington)

200 meters, girls

1. Anna Belding; 8. Colleen Carlsen (Huntington)

200 meters, boys

3. Malaki Myer; 7. Diego Quintela; 8. Jonathan Abbe (Huntington); 21. Vino Pawalitkosol (Huntington)

400 meters, girls

1. Emma Baeth

400 meters, boys

6. Gabe Bott

800 meters, girls

1. Emma Baeth

1500 meters, girls

1. Sydney Keller; 4. Sydney Lamb; 5. Lacy Gyllenberg

1500 meters, boys

2. Thaddeus Pepera; 7. Seth Mastrude; 10. Clayton Dennis

100 hurdles, girls

2. Brooklyn Jaca; 4. Alexis Conant

300 hurdles, girls

2. Brooklyn Jaca; 4. Alexis Conant

300 hurdles, boys

3. Dash Bloomer; 5. Gaige Birmingham

Shot put, girls

2. Jozie Ramos; 4. Hayden Paulsen; 7. Ryann Paulsen;

10. Morgan Hall; 13. Evan Rexroad

Shot put, boys

7. Mike Gentry; 10. David Hornung (Huntington); 13. Peter Zugic (Huntington); 16. Jacob Mills; 21. Bryce Klosky (Huntington); 23. Reeve Damschen

Discus, girls

2. Hayden Paulsen; 6. Jozie Ramos;

8. Morgan Hall; 16. Nine Piechocki (Huntington);

17. Alina Samodelova (Huntington)

Discus, boys

4. Mike Gentry; 6. Jacob Mills; 7. Tate Powell;

11. Gabe Bott; 17. Clayton Dennis

Javelin, girls

2. Ryann Paulsen; 5. Colleen Carlsen (Huntington); 6. Jozie Ramos; 8. Avril Zickgraf; 20. Nina Piechocki (Huntington); 21. Alina Samodelova (Huntington)

Javelin, boys

3. Dash Bloomer; 4. Gauge Bloomer; 6. Gaige Birmingham; 8. David Hornung (Huntington); 11. Eliot Liberale (Huntington); 13. Micha Shepard (Huntington); 17. Damion Klosky (Huntington); 25. Bryce Klosky (Huntington)

High Jump, girls

2. Brooklyn Jaca; 3. Jozie Ramos; 7. Alexis Conant;

8. Daphne Thomas; 9. Evan Rexroad

Pole vault, girls

2. Sydney Keller; 4. Avril Zickgraf; 5. Salena Bott

Pole vault, boys

4. Gauge Bloomer; 7. Reeve Damschen; 8. Gabe Bott

Long Jump, girls

3. Sydnee Pierce; 4. Daphne Thomas; 7. Salena Bott;

9. Avril Zickgraf

Long Jump, boys

19. Vino Pawalitkosol (Huntington);

20. Michael Carlsen (Huntington)

Triple Jump, girls

2. Sydney Keller; 4. Salena Bott; 5. Avril Zickgraf

Triple Jump, boys

2. Sydney Keller; 4. Salena Bott; 5. Avril Zickgraf

Baker will have a home meet Thursday, April 29 starting at 2:30 p.m. Results will be posted at

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