Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has accomplished nearly everything a starting quarterback can. He immediately secured the starting role for the organization that drafted him in the third round in 2012. He’s been a Pro Bowl pick every year except 2016. In 2014 and 2015 Wilson led the Seahawks to the Super Bowl, including their first championship.

But one thing has eluded Wilson: the Most Valuable Player award.

He hasn’t even been in the conversation, never having received a single MVP vote.

Not even in 2019, when Wilson completed 66.1% of his passes with 30 touchdowns and just five interceptions. He was named to the Pro Bowl again, but Baltimore quarterback Lamar Jackson won the MVP award.

How is it possible that Wilson hasn’t gotten a single MVP vote during his eight seasons?

Obviously he doesn’t get enough credit for the model of consistency he has been in the Emerald City. Besides racking up the seven Pro Bowls, he has led his team to the playoffs every season except 2017. Although at 5-foot-11 Wilson is 3 inches shorter than the average NFL quarterback, the disadvantage doesn’t phase him. Whether it is with his arm or his legs, Wilson is as reliable an offensive threat as there is in the NFL.

And now finally, in his ninth season, Wilson has placed himself as a frontrunner in the MVP race.

After four games, Wilson has completed 75.2% of his passes for 16 touchdowns and just two interceptions. He is the top five for passing yards (1,285), quarterback rating (83.4) and overall rating (136.7). The stats speak for themselves — he is having one heck of a start.

Still, Wilson will need to continue to post stellar numbers if he is to outpace challengers such as Jackson and Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Both benefit from having taken the league by storm recently, whereas Wilson’s excellence is marked more by its consistency.

It’s early in the season, of course — maybe too early to be talking about handing out trophies.

But the unbeaten Seahawks are one of the teams to watch in the NFL, and Wilson is the unquestioned leader.

Corey Kirk is sports editor for the Baker City Herald.

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