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Tim Eide, left, and Barachiah Macy, recently started delivering dairy products in Baker City.

Tim Eide has wanted to start a milk delivery business for years.

Then, in a conversation with his friend Barachiah Macy, he found a business partner.

“We settled on a high five and just went for it,” Eide said. “Everything seemed meant to be — it just fell into place.”

And the timing seemed perfect: During a pandemic when people are trying to limit their errands.

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Barachiah Macy makes a milk delivery on Sept. 10, the debut of the business he and Tim Eide started in Baker City.

“Who wants to go to the grocery store?” Macy said.

They launched The Milk Men this summer. Their first delivery was Sept. 10.

They work with Eberhard’s Dairy in Redmond to provide milk, chocolate milk, heavy cream, half-and-half, organic milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, and seasonal egg nog. Additional products include almond milk, oat milk, hemp milk, cheese, and eggs.

All products are FDA-approved and several have won awards (first place for chocolate milk and second place for cottage cheese from the Oregon Dairy Industries).

The Eberhard products are nearly as fresh as can be.

“We get it the day after it’s produced,” Eide said.

The system works like this: Customers order by 4 p.m. Sunday through The Milk Men website. Eide picks up the products Tuesday in Prairie City, then he and Macy deliver between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. Thursday.

“It’s the coolest time,” Eide said.

They do, however, request that customers provide a cooler with ice packs or ice to keep the milk cold.

They had about 14 customers for their first delivery. As orders grow, they will move from the small refrigerated trailer to a larger truck (Macy has already named it Bertha).

“As we get more customers, we’ll add delivery days,” Eide said.

For now, The Milk Men deliver in Baker City and within 10 miles of town. They’d like to eventually offer the service in Union County, too.

The Milk Men want to offer more than dairy products in the future.

“We want to support local producers, too,” Eide said.

He said those interested in learning more can give him a call.

Eide and Macy both grew up in Baker City. The Milk Men is a job in addition to their other work.

“We both work full time and have children,” Macy said.

The business is veteran-owned, too.

Eide has delivered milk in the past, in Spokane and Boise.

“I always wanted my own shot at it,” he said.

While Eide picks up the products, Macy will handle any mechanical issues that arise with the trucks. Both make deliveries.

Customers order through their website, (be sure to include the hyphen between “milk” and “men.”)

There is a $2.99 subscription fee to cover delivery.

Updates and a link to their website can be found on their Facebook page, as well. Search for “The Milk Men.”

Anyone who doesn’t have access to a computer, or needs assistance ordering, can call 541-403-0994.

They also have an email address:

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