Dan Collins

Dan Collins

Dan Collins commented on Letter to the Editor for Jan. 10, 2020

Hold up there, Gary...

We are a nation of many religions. Christianity just happens to be the most popular. It is a well known fact that Christians don't play well with other religions. This is the very reason we have laws regarding freedom of religion. You'd take over if you could.…

Dan Collins

Dan Collins commented on Growing Business

I salute their progress.

I worked on the very first legalization attempt in Salem back in the mid 80's. CBD is a foot in the door of course.

What everybody "really" wants is a dispensary option in Baker City. The drive to Sumpter this time of year is rather risky business with…

Dan Collins

Dan Collins commented on EDITORIAL: Laughing at Trump

Trump is a bouncing red ball. A mother bird with a broken wing. A flare released for a heat seeking missle. As are all US presidents of the past several decades.

All diversions to attract your attention away from the real culprit. The deep state. The New World Order. Whatever you wa…

Dan Collins

If we're counting numbers in regards to the train whistle, you ain't got them. Many of us enjoy that train whistle. Are we just supposed to roll over because you don't? Unless you want to bareknuckle it, you should put your gloves on. Fight coming...

Dan Collins

Dan Collins commented on COLUMN: Newspapers adjusting to change

I could see it coming. As long as it stays a small town paper. If it doesn't, I'll be the first to fire a shot across your bow. ;) Good luck.

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